Facial Treatments

Express Resurfacing Treatment
A 30 minute treatment that dissolves dead and damaged skin cells with Skin Authority's pure sugarcane glycolic peel. Minimize fine lines, brighten the skin, and achieve a smooth more youthful appearance with a single treatment. A series of three to six spaced 10-14 days apart is recommended for maximum results
30 minutes $65
Series of three $175
Series of six $350
The Beauty Workout Facial
A comprehensive treatment that creates healthy skin cell turnover with Skin Authority's pure sugarcane peel, followed with a multi action antioxidant Vitamin cocktail that is infused deep into the skin  with the Fit and Firm Peel off Mask. Nourishing growth factors actively lift and plump fine lines, while arnica and Vitamin K hydrate and refresh tired eyes. Your skin tone will be brighter, fine lines and wrinkles smoother, and collagen will be stimulated with this decadent treatment
70 minutes $125 
Restorative Hydration Facial
Gently repair and renew damaged skin cells with this specialty treatment, designed to benefit sensitive, dry, and rosacea skin types. Skin is softened, hydrated and smoothed by providing a rich source of antioxidants,  vitamins and minerals  
 60 minutes $95
Beauty Infusion Facial 
A custom facial that starts with Skin Authority's pure sugar cane peel, followed with a specialty combination of key botanicals to restore brightness, hydration, and clarity.  A vitamin & mineral rich mask adds the finishing touch for a naturally flawless refined appearance
60 minutes $95
Clarifying Facial 
Teens as well as Adults can say "Goodbye" to blackheads and congested skin and "Hello"  to healthier and clearer looking skin with this treatment. Dissolve the source of acne breakouts, calm inflammation, and restore skins natural moisture balance with this facial
50 minutes $75